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220V Class (1-Phase Input) 200W~1.5kW
220V Class (3-Phase Input) 200W~1.5kW
440V Class (3-Phase Input) 400W~1.5kW

AC Drive is a mini power saving inverter. It features the most simple AC induction motor controller from 200W up to 1.5kW for 220VAC and 440VAC Class. The status indicator LED and 7-segment display are built in and can show the data value for the easy reading.
AC Drive is small, quiet and powerful.



AC Drives with full-range automatic torque boost:

‧ slip compensation
‧ 9-step speed operation (Max.)
‧ momentary power loss at restart
‧ frequency reference bias/gain
‧ fault reset
‧ speed search
‧ reference upper /lower limit setting
‧ overtorque detection
‧ frequency hold command
‧ DC injection braking current/ time at start/ stop frequency
‧ accel/decel time select
‧ accel/decel hold command
‧ accel/decel S pattern
‧ frequency reference with built-in potentiometer
‧ frequency reference setting
‧ constants copy (accessory option)


Full-range-Automatic Torque Boost

‧ High starting torque (150%/ 3Hz) to start the machine smoothly.


Complete Protective Functions

‧ High-speed current limit to prevent over current (200% or more of the rated current), tripless operation (Momentary power loss restart, stall prevention, fault reset)
‧ Built-in rush current limited circuit
‧ Ground fault protection
‧ Built-in rush current limited circuit

‧ Ground fault protection



‧ Multi-speed setting (up to 9 steps)?2-step acceleration/ deceleration, 2-step jump frequency, UP/DOWN selection, jog command…etc.
‧ Full-range automatic torque boost, slip compensation, stall prevention, over torque detection, DC injection braking…etc.
‧ Remote speed reference?0~10VDC, 4~20MA?0~20MA, multifunction input and output terminal, analog output monitor, NPN and PNP input signal switch
‧ MODBUS message format, RS485 series communication card available (Optional accessory)
‧ Built-in digital keypad operator (RCUS-450) with complex digital keypad operator (RCU-450) (Optional accessory)


Broad Application

‧ Substitute Magnetic Contact
‧ No contact ensures, no transmission and maintenance requested.
‧ Conveyer
‧ Soft start/stop function enables goods to stand still on conveyer.
‧ Single Phase Power Input
‧ Using single-phase power drives three-phase motor to rise the efficiency.
‧ Flow Machine(Fan-Pump)
‧ Changing motor speed smoothly makes the best of flow to save energy.
‧ Food Processing Machine
‧ The operation speed can be changed by using multi-speed functions (up to 9-step speed) and pre-set speed.
‧ Standard Mechanization
‧ The machine controlled by the inverter/drive can be used with local power frequency (50/60 Hz).

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