EI 550 AC Drive



220V Class (1-Phase Input) 0.75kW~2.2kW
220V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~7.5kW
440V Class (3-Phase Input) 0.75kW~7.5kW


AC Motor Drive is a small General-purpose Vector control AC inverter for convention vector control application. The copy keypad functions are operated for easy parameters setting. AC Motor Drives with 17 multi-speed settings available for the speed control. The capacity includes 0.75kW up to 7.5kW for 220VAC and 440VAC Class.



AC Motor Drives with High-Torque Output

‧ High-torque output for 150% torque/1Hz
‧ Precise control over a wide speed range
‧ IGBT braking unit built-in and optional braking resistor to enable the large braking torque.

Multiple Functions

‧ AC Motor Drives with 16 multi-speed settings, UP/DOWN selection, jog command…etc.
‧ PID control, energy savings control, speed search, auto restarting
‧ Full-range automatic torque boost, slip compensation, stall prevention, over/under torque detection, DC injection braking….etc.
‧ Remote speed reference: 0~10VDC, 4~20MA. 0~20MA, analog input, multifunctional input and output terminal, analog output monitor, NPN and PNP input signal switch.
‧ Copy Keypad function
‧ RS422/RS485 serial communication port, MODBUS message format

Broad Application

Transporting Machine

‧ Conveyer
‧ Lifting
‧ Elevator

Public Equipment

‧ Industrial Laundry
‧ Car Washing Machine
‧ Running Machine

Flow Machine

‧ Fan
‧ Pump
‧ Blower

Food Processing Machine

‧ Grinder
‧ Mixer
‧ Stirrer

Printing Textile Machine

‧ Printing Machine
‧ Textile Machine
‧ Dyer

Air Conditioning

‧ Freezer
‧ Air Conditioner
‧ Air Compresso



‧ Coating
‧ Shaker Conveyor
‧ Luggage Scanner Conveyor
‧ High Speed Depalletizer
‧ Multiple Motor Operation
‧ Combination Motor Starter Interconnection
‧ Glass Container
‧ Snack Food Package Collator
‧ Textile Facility Rebuild
‧ Carpet Fiber Winder
‧ EtherNet/IP CM092/CM093 Option with AB Controllogix / Compactlogix Programmable Controllers
‧ Commissioning the CM092/CM093 EtherNet/IP Option Kit with the Rockwell BOOTP/DHCP Server

Latest News

The first 100% Electric Garbage Truck in Taiwan

A quieter, cleaner and greener garbage truck that won't wake up the residents.


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