Combi-functional just like all what Combi-3 has with intelligent shore and generator power management.

- Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
- Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation-
- Three phase capability
- PowerControl – Dealing with limited generator, shore side or grid power to avoid sudden loads on generator causing voltage spikes
- PowerSupport – Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power, an novative feature of the CombiPlus
- Communication with max. 10 sets of solar chargers (SunStar Series)
- Four preset control mode application with AC grid, AC charging and solar charging


Model Numbers:




CP Remote controller with 3-meter cable

CP Remote controller with 15-meter cable

CP-PX: Parallel connection package

CP-3PX: 3-Phase connection package

Fan Cover for 1500W CombiPlus

Fan Cover for 3000W CombiPlus

Fan Cover for 6000W CombiPlus

One 3-meter communication cable with SunStar Charger series

One 5-meter communication cable with SunStar Charger series

One 10-meter communication cable with SunStar Charger series

One 3-meter communication cable with GTI-2000-XX

One 5-meter communication cable with GTI-2000-XX

One 10-meter communication cable with GTI-2000-XX

Battery Temperature Sensor with 3-meter cable

Battery Temperature Sensor with 6-meter cable

PPU-CP (Programming and monitoring the values displayed in PC or Laptop)


Other Details:

Best choice for solar hybrid system as well as wind hybrid system

Continuous output power without derating (<70℃)

The management software of the CombiPlus inverter/chargers is the same as CP Remote
Controller (RCP-4). Consequently, the engineer is able to do the setting and review all data on the screen of the laptop.

CombiPlus inverter/chargers are built-in three auxiliary Relays.

The maximum capacity of the CombiPlus inverter/chargers is 90KW 3-phase AC loads.

Maximum 5-unit CombiPlus inverter/chargers can be connected in parallel connections.

CombiPlus inverter/charger has Power-Control functions, so AC Input power can supply
electricity to AC loads output and to charge the batteries simultaneously.

CombiPlus inverter/charger has Power-Support functions, so AC loads output can receive
electricity from AC Input power and renewable energy simultaneously.

The CombiPlus inverter/charger also provides the availability of Wind Charger including WS-120C and WS-100CX-MPPT being the
optional to be used with three-phase wind turbines to charge the battery bank.


Four Control Modes Applications:


1: AC Power as Priority Support

2: AC Generator Support with Dynamic Power Shifting

3: Renewable Energy with Power Support

4: Renewable Energy with AC Charger Backup Support

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