GrabGo Combi Inverter



How It Works

The“CombiPlus”is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger features adaptive charge technology, and a high-speed AC Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) in a single compact enclosure.

The maximum capacity of the CombiPlus inverter/charger is 90KW 3-phase AC loads.

SunStar can become solar battery chargers, DC diversion charge controller and DC load controller.

When WS-120C Wind Charger connects with 48V batteries, it can support 6KW 3-phase Wind Turbine.
When WS-120C Wind Charger connects with 24V batteries, it can support 3KW 3-phase Wind Turbine. When WS-120C Wind Charger connects with 12V batteries, it can support 1.5KW 3-phase Wind Turbine. We also fabricate Wind MPPT Chargers.

Our Grid-Tie & Off-Grid Inverters are able to operate either MPPT Mode or Battery Mode. It can be used for on-grid systems and hybrid systems.


SunWind Connection Diagram

CombiPlus inverter & charger  x  1 set

SunStar charger  x 2 sets

WindStar MPPT charger  x 2 sets

Auto-Transfer Switch  x 1 set

Connect to Battery Bank

Connect to single-phase AC loads output

Diesel Generator Backup input / AC Grid Power Backup input

Necessary accessories for cabinet

Connect to Solar Modules

Connect to Wind Turbines

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