Low Frequency




These pure sine wave inverters are specially designed to fulfill the needs of special applications where it is necessary to adapt several parameters of inverters.

State-of-Art auto load sense/Standard built in low battery cut-off/Great overload performance/Very efficient stand by circuit/Do not affect other equipment like TV, radio, etc/ No problem with microwave ovens/Extremely efficient/Standard specially designed AC – and DC – line filters/Can be used anywhere including National Parks/Aluminum chassis for harsh environments/Built-in Remote Controller Port Compact/Simplified system design/Easily mounted/Lowest installation cost

Product Range -12V/24V/48V-150watt~6000watt



Two of 1-meter cables for the battery bank/ Remote controller with 3-meter cable/Remote controller with 15-meter cable



Best choice for solar off-grid system as well as wind stand-alone system Output power ranges are 150W ~6000W for 12V, 24V, 48V battery bank.

Most clients call it “The Off-Grid Inverter”.


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The first 100% Electric Garbage Truck in Taiwan

A quieter, cleaner and greener garbage truck that won't wake up the residents.


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