SunKit Solar Charger


Economical Solar Charger (Charging ONLY)


7 versions available (12 volts 6 amps, 12 and 24 volts 10~30 amps)

100% solid state

True 0 to 100% PWM duty cycle

Set point accuracy to 50mV

Rated for 150% overloads

Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting

Anodized aluminum case

Battery Temperature compensation built-in

8 types of charging curve selection

Rate memorizing

Microcontroller digital accuracy

LCD remote panel for 30 amps model


Product Model No.




SK Remote controller with 3-meter cable (only for SK-30C)

SK Remote controller with 15-meter cable (only for SK-30C)

Battery Temperature Sensor with 3-meter cable

Battery Temperature Sensor with 6-meter cable



The maximum solar array Voc of the SK-30C, SK-20C and SK-10C is 50 V and the maximum solar array Voc for SK-6C is 30 V.

Also know as “Solar PWM Controller” or “Solar Regulator”.

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