Solar Charger MPPT




Integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), battery charge management, state of charge information

Continuous output power rating without de-rating at up to 50℃ ambient temperature

Built-in Battery Energy Monitor tracks power production and consumption to calculate the energy remaining in battery State of Charge (SOC) is displayed in percent full, Amp-hours, Watt-hours, and 90 days of energy-harvest history is stored in the solar charger

Supports Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), GEL and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, 2/3/4-stage charging with adjustable set points for all parameters

Wire the PV modules in series up to 112VDC normal (140VDC Max) for SS-50C-MPPT Series, SS-80C-MPPT Series and 192VDC normal (240VDC Max) for SS-40CX-MPPT Series, SS-80CX-MPPT Series

Easy stacking of up to 16 units in parallel for high currents

Precise charging for 12V/ 24V/36V/48V batteries with easy set-up and using battery voltage sense (BVS) wires

Built-in temperature compensation function for safe and complete charging


Product Model No.




3-meter cable for parallel connection

5-meter cable for parallel connection

10-meter cable for parallel connection

Shunt PMU-SS (Monitoring the values displayed in PC or Laptop)



Monitor software of the PC/laptop terminal for SunStar MPPT Charger is available now.

The maximum solar modules’ power is 5,200 watts when SS-80C-MPPT and SS-80CX-MPPT
equalize a 48V Battery Bank to 64V at 80 amps.

SunStar MPPT Charger is built-in two auxiliary Relays.

Maximum solar input open-circuit voltage of the SS-40CX-MPPT and SS-80CX-MPPT is 240V. SS-40CX-MPPT and SS-80CX-MPPT are High Voltage Solar MPPT Chargers.

Parallel connection of SunStar MPPT series can be up to 16 units (1 Master and 15 Slaves) in the parallel system, there is only one Shunt which needs to be connected to the Master unit to measure the total accumulated current.

Also know as  “Solar MPPT Controller

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