SunWide MPPT Charger



Three control modes Battery Charging, Load Control and Light Control

Integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to maximize the energy harvest from the PV array to charge the battery

Optional PC programming for setting the following values

Low Voltage Disconnection (LVD) and Low Voltage Reconnection (LVR) to prevent battery from being over discharged

High Voltage Disconnection (HVD) and High Voltage Reconnection (HVR) to prevent load from being damaged due to high input voltage

15 field adjustable lighting timer controls

2 types of battery charging (flooded/sealed battery) and selectable voltage for 3/4-stage charging (Bulk, absorption, float, equalize)

All the monitoring values display for the solar arrays, battery voltage, load state,temperatures, etc.

Electronic protection for the PV input and output load and battery

CHARGE LED and LOAD LED display status

Auto detection for day and night by using the % of the PV array Voc

Auto detection for the battery voltage system 12V or 24V

Microcontroller digital accuracy

Battery temperature sensor included

Optional remote battery temperature sensor for more precise battery compensation

Conformal coating

Epoxy encapsulation

Light weight and small dimension


Product Model No.

SW-15CL-MPPT 15 amps



Battery Temperature Sensor with 3-meter cable

Battery Temperature Sensor with 6-meter cable

(Programming and monitoring the values displayed in PC or Laptop)



Best choice for Solar Street Light with MPPT functions

The management software of the PC/laptop terminal for SW-15CL-MPPT is available now.

There are three control modes at Battery Charging, Load Control and Light Control.
SW-15CL-MPPT can detect the battery voltage system 12V or 24V automatically.

The maximum solar input Voc of the SW-15CL-MPPT is 75V. The maximum output power at 24V battery systems is 432 watts and it can support 216 watts maximum output at 12V battery systems.

Also know as “Solar MPPT Controller for Street Light”.

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