Power Charger contains all the functions and performance of CombiPlus.

As a combi of powerful True Sine Wave Inverter, Battery Charger and high-speed Auto Transfer Switch in one enclosure

“Green Power Smart” feature with AC charger timer and generator timer control

External modules for solar charge, DC charge and DC switches

Easy-programmable remote panel with LCD display

Two sets of DC controller, programmable switches that control your DC loads

DC generator input allows any DC generation device to charge the house batteries

PowerControl — Dealing with limited generator, shore side or grid power to avoid sudden loads on generator causing voltage spikes

PowerSupport — Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power, an innovative feature of the SuperCombi

Wall Mount and Table Mount available for choices

Optional remote panel with LCD display for easy operation in distance

Latest News

The first 100% Electric Garbage Truck in Taiwan

A quieter, cleaner and greener garbage truck that won't wake up the residents.


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