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The First Taiwan Made 100% Electric Garbage Truck
August 21st 2015

A quieter, cleaner and greener model that might not be as much of an urban alarm clock for residents.

This innovation is in partnership with Dokin and the city of Chiayi. The performance of these vehicles is equivalent to traditional diesel vehicles with extra full benefits:

  • No emissions of regulated pollutants known or CO2
  • Very low noise level
  • Energy efficient
  • Driving comfort and use for employees

Thanks to these vehicles’ on board IT systems, Rich Electric can adapt collection procedures to each neighborhood.

Oil and Gas Well Drilling
June 4th 2015

Oil and Gas Well Drilling panel- 800HP Modular High Power Drive incredible installed at China Daqing Oilfield

The SN-HH series is a high performance drive that produces an output of adjustable voltage and frequency to control the speed of a squirrel cage induction motor. The designs have separate converter capacitor inverter sections installed in a common enclosure.

Sections can be paralleled to increase capacity. With PWM design provides high starting torque by use of IGBT transistors. It provides 3 modes of control and speed accuracy to suit application requirements; V/Hz (2%), sensor less vector (0.1%), or flux vector control (0.01% / motor-mounted Resolver (standard) and drive-mounted PG-RD1 card required). Programmability, network capability, and flexibility are outstanding.

Go Green - Electric Tourist Shuttle Bus
May 17th 2015

Travel in the Alishan area, a new route entitled Green power “Alishan B1” was launched by the Taiwan tourist Shuttle via Rich Electric’s professional EV project.

The route starts at Shizhao and ends in Fenqi Lake, a key tourist attraction in the Alishan National Scenic Area. Eight such shuttle services are provided daily from 12:00 to 14:40, so that visitors can travel more seamlessly if they wish to take the Alishan Forest Trains with eco-friendly shuttle bus.

Africa Orphanage use Off Grid Hybrid Solar System
May 19th 2015

The plant will boost their energy production by 6%  and the “Top quality developers like Rich Electric Global are the keys to success for this Power Africa Initiative,”

After Rich Electric provided critical early-stage support through the trading program, Rich Electric smoothly and swiftly brought the project online to give this Africa orphanage enough grid-connected power to supply their homes. This Off Grid System is a clear demonstration that solar will be a key part of Africa’s energy solution.

Smart Grids at Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant
May 27th 2015

The Bi-directional Inverter control the relays and charging and discharging for the optimal energy storage, and with Master Lithium Battery: 100Ahx240 stringsx3.2V =76.8kWh, 768V plus Slave Lithium Battery Bank: 15Ahx8 parallelx8 strings x3.2Vx30 sets =92.1KWh, 768V, gives a perfect green power solution.