Diverse Power System for Electric Vehicle and Boat


Electric Vehicle Driver:

◆ Regenerative braking is adopted

◆ Low electrical resistance

◆ Internal contactor with pre-charge circuitry

◆ The Sinewave PWM type: Flux Vector

◆ IGBTs for high efficiency

◆ Chassis design with lightweight aluminum material

◆ Protection

Ø Over voltage and under voltage protection for the battery

Ø Over temperature for the inverter and motor

Ø Analog over current protection based on DSP current control

Ø Over speed torque limit

◆ RS232/485 communication port

◆ CANBUS for communication with other device


Electric Vehicle IM Motor:

◆ Thin and high-grade silicon steel for electric car motors

◆ High conductivity die-casting copper rotor, low loss, high energy density

◆ Design of high torque and high output

◆ VPI process for excellent insulation and cooling

◆ High efficiency and low energy consumption

◆ High regenerative energy

◆ High CPSR for high and low speed operation

◆ New style design with small lightweight aluminum frame

◆ Durable, low thermal shock effect

◆ Temperature protection to effectively prevent overheating



◆ New style design with small lightweight aluminum frame

◆ For high and low speed operation

◆ High efficiency helical gear system

◆ Wide range of gear reduction ratios:

Ø Parking lock system

Ø Oil pump lubrication system

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