Manufacturer For Electrical Vehicle Solution

We fabricate Electrical Vehicle Driver, BMS (Li-ion Battery Management System), 4KW Li-ion Battery Charger and 8KW Li-ion Battery for Electrical Cars, 100KW Li-ion Quick Charging Station for Electrical Buses and integrate our existing Solar Chargers and Inverters together to provide 100% Green Vehicle to all consumers.

We also customize the relevant electrical products for Green Vehicle because of without any standard specification about Li-ion Batteries in the worldwide.

We support our partners to win the governments’ tenders and enterprises’ projects about our Electrical Vehicle Solutions including the Electrical Boats on the Love River in Kaohsiung city and the Electrical Boats for the patrols on Sun Moon Lake in Nan-Tou County as well as a few private enterprises’ buses and cars…etc.

If you are very interested in our Electrical Vehicle Solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Latest News

The first 100% Electric Garbage Truck in Taiwan

A quieter, cleaner and greener garbage truck that won't wake up the residents.


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